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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It'll Heal What Ails You, Laddie

An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country DoctorI've been wanting to read this book for a long time, and I'm so glad I finally did.  One person at the store where I work said it's like James Herriot's book except with people as patients.  I think that's pretty close.  It's simply a story, and I loved that.  Dr. Barry Laverty has just graduated from medical school.  We join him on his way to Ballybucklebo (a fictional city in Northern Ireland) to answer a job notice.  He meets his possible employer, Dr. Fingal O'Reilly, literally throwing a patient out the door.  With this auspicious start, Barry questions if he should accept a position here, yet he does need a job.  We get to see Barry grow as a doctor, a partner, and a person.  It's a heart-warming ride with the beauty of Ireland as it's backdrop.  I hoped there would be a strong Catholic character.  There wasn't one in this first book though religion is not let completely out of the book. (You couldn't have anything close to a realistic book taking place in Northern Ireland without some religion.)  Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this book immensely.  There are several more in this series which I highly recommend.  [Interestingly, this book is available as a Mass Market.]

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