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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Accidents Can Hurt and Hurt Can Heal

Because of Mr. Terupt by Ron Buyea

This was a good book about bullying and treating your classmates nicely, but not preachy at all.  The story is told in the voices of 7 kids in Mr. Terupt's class.  The kids are united because of an accident.

Because of Mr. TeruptI wouldn't let my elementary kids read this book because I think there is some rather mature material covered in the lives of the students.  One child's mother got pregnant when she was 16 and was kicked out of her family.  Another student's parents don't want her to play with this girl because her mom had her when she was 16 and unwed.  I don't want my kids trying to puzzle all of that out, but for other kids that may be their reality, so it wouldn't be new to them.  This would be an outstanding book for teens who cannot read well.  (I come across that question often at the bookstore.)

A second book is coming out in a few months, and I will probably read it.   haven't read Wonder by Palacio, yet, but hearing from others who've read both if you liked it, I think you will like this book, too.

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