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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Into the Woods, but Don't Take this Book to Grandma's House

In the Woods by Tana French

     This is an award-winning book and I've heard many people enjoyed this book and the author's following books; however, I didn't enjoy this book.
     Rob Ryan is a detective in the Dublin Murder Squad.  Only four people know his true name or past.  When he was twelve, he and his two best friends went into the woods.  He was the only to come out of the woods.  He was covered in someone else's blood.  No one ever figured out what happened.  Now Rob and his partner are assigned the murder case of a young girl whose body was found in those same woods.  Sounds interesting...but the rest left me dissappointed
     Rob eventually screws up royally, hurting who he cares about most.  He doesn't redeem himself; he can't really, it's too late, what's been done 'sbeen done.  After missing some obvious clues, they do solve the girl's murder but with an unsatisfactory conclusion.  No headway is made on the case from Rob's past.  Maybe he turns it around in future books, and maybe we get some clues about his friend's disappearances in the next books.  I didn't care enough about him to find out.

In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad Series #1)


  1. I couldn't finish the book and thought it didn't answer too many questions.

  2. Unfortunately, I actually finished this book and I really disliked it. I just couldn't believe Rob's mystery from childhood wasn't solved. It was the more interesting of the two stories.