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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Book to Inspire Us All

The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews   illustrated by Philip Hurst

I wish I had blogged about this book earlier.  It would make a wonderful graduation present.

The Boy Who Changed the WorldThis beautiful picture books starts out about the young boy Norman Borlaug, who grew up and helped feed millions of people with improved seeds and agricultural methods.  And so, he changed the world... but the book then introduces us to Henry Wallace, the vice president who gave Borlaug the task and encouragement to do what he did, so maybe it was really Henry Wallace who changed the world...but we are introduced to George Washington Carver, who encouraged Wallace as a young boy to study nature and plants, so really it was probably Carver who changed the world...except that when he was a boy, he was saved from kidnappers by Moses Carver.  So maybe it was really Moses Carver.  The book ties is all together and suggest that the reader can be the child who changes the world.  This true tale is very inspiring.  My children and I were all moved by the book, both it's story and illustrations.  And if this is of interest to you, Borlaug and Wallace of from Iowa, and George Washington Carver, met Wallace while studying at Iowa State University.

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