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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If We All Agree on This...?

Ten Universal Principles: A Brief Philosophy on the Life Issues by Robert J. Spitzer, SJ, PhD

This is a short book (less than 200) pages to summarize the reasoning to end a long going debate.  This book allows you to argue the case for the sanctity of all life without relying on religion.  I'm glad to have finally found someone who can lay out this argument for me.  I can't debate about life issues with my family and friends who don't believe in God by relying on my religious convictions.  Fr. Spitzer lays out the case for the respect of all human life without mentioning God or religion.  He uses ten principles that philosophers have accepted throughout time regardless of their religious beliefs.

The book requires concentration, but I didn't think it was overly difficult to follow.  I felt the last chapter went into a little more detail than needed, though it was in no way useless.  I also enjoyed the book's appendix, where Fr. Spitzer discusses the proofs for the existence of God.

Which ever side you fall on with regard to life issues (or where on the spectrum you choose to be), this would be a very worthwhile book to read.  It may help you defend your position, clarify your position, or give you pause to think on how to justify your position.  Either way, it's an enlightening read.

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