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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The First Post-dun dun duuhhh

What book should I review first??  It was a hard decision.  But before my first review, I'm want to spend a few moments explaining what I hope this blog will be.  I'm planning on reviewing a mix of adult fiction and non-fiction, teen and juvie books, and picture books.  Not all of the reviews will be on the lastest books so hopefully you'll find some treats you might have missed.  I hope these reviews will help people find books and movies they'll enjoy or avoid wasting time on something they wouldn't like.  I also hope you'll let me know what you think about the books and movies that are reviewed on this blog.  I love to hear others' opinions...what they liked or didn't like.  And, please, let me know if there is something you don't like or do like about the blog, so I can modify it as I go along to make it the most helpful it can be.  Thanks for reading.

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