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Thursday, March 24, 2011

One of my All-Time Favorites


This is the first in a long line of fantastic books in the Amelia Peabody series.  They are written under the premise of old journals and papers found in a mysterious trunk, so the book is first person from Amelia's point of view.  She lives in England during the late 1800s.  She inherits a fortune so she travels to Egypt to follow her passion for archeology.  It is a scandal that a woman would travel by herself, but Amelia doesn't let any feminine expectations hinder her.  Along the way she befriends a young woman in need of a friend and has a grand adventure in Egypt attempting to solve the mystery of the mummies' curse.  I love this book for so many reasons.  First, it incorporates real historical events and people; I enjoyed learning about the time period in England and in Egypt.  I love mysteries, especially mysteries where nothing gory or unspeakable happens.  Though there are some murders, there is no gore and it's usually a bad guy.  This book also has action and a little romance.  After all that in one book, what else could you ask for!?  And, each book in the series gives you adventure, mystery, romance, and history!  The romance is delightful in that Amelia hints and things with phrases such as "the benefits of marriage".  It's really hard these days to find a romance in a book handled with care and tact.  I couldn't recommend this series enough.

Interestingly, the author's real name is Barbara Mertz.  Elizabeth and Peter are her children.  She got a degree in Egyptology, but found it was hard for a woman to get a job in that field at the time.  She eventually became a writer.  I am so glad she did.    --Booker

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  1. I can tell how much you like this book. Very nice review.