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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saints Alive!

Adventures with Sister Philomena, Special Agent to the Pope Series  by Dianne Ahern
Book 1  Lost in St. Peter's Tomb
Book 2  Break-in at the Basilica
Book 3  Curse of the Coins
Book 4  Secrets of Siena

My family is only on Book 2 right now, but we have really liked this series so far.  Riley and his younger sister Delaney are staying with their aunt, Sr. Philomena, for the summer.  Riley is not pleased at all with the idea of spending his summer in a rural convent outside of Rome.  He's certain this summer will be the most boring summer of this life.  But, on the second day of their stay, the kids must rush to the Vatican with their aunt.  Sr. Philomena must meet with Pope John Paul II!  Riley and Delaney learn that their aunt is not a stereotypical nun.  She is a nun, who is also serves as the pope's special investigator.

Each story not only holds a mystery that Sr. Philomena must solve (usually with the help of Riley an Delaney), but it also provides information about different saints.  The reader learns about the saints' lives without it being very obvious because they are receiving the information as they progress through the mystery.  And, the information they learn about the saint can give them clues to help them solve the mystery.  We have found these books informative while entertaining.  It's a great combination.  Color illustrations are plentiful and each chapter has a theme picture for each page.  My child has enjoyed trying to guess what the picture will be.  I would recommend these books for early elementary readers or as a read-aloud.

I wasn't able to get these books through my place of employment, but you can order them from Fiat Catholic Books.  Just click on their picture logo at the top right of my blog, or go to

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